• RPC cropper. A small standalone tool to crop satellite images and their RPC.

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Megawave in OSX and Linux64

Megawave is an image processing library from for UNIX, developed at CMLA ENS-Cachan. Compiling it on modern platforms can be a painful task.

  • Nov 2011. Patched MegaWave2 V3.01 - for 64bits Linux. Compiles in 64 bits Linux installations (Tested on Ubuntu 11.10). The patch can also be downloaded separately and applied to Megawave 3.01.
    Briefly, the issue with 64 bits is that some Megawave IO functions use the long data type to get 4 bytes of data, but in 64 bits installations long usually corresponds to 8 bytes. This patch does not solve all these issues, in particular all the modules fail when trying to read PMC_C images.

  • OLD 2006. Patch for Megawave2 V2.31a, to be compiled under fedora core 2+: Patch. There is also a patch tested on Ubuntu (6.0.6) but it requires to downgrade to gcc 3.4, since in the version 4.0 some function declarations (of megawave) are no longer valid, typically the error message is “invalid storage class for function”. In this page there are other patches for Megawave.