Pascal Getreuer's IPOL Software

The following links are source code associated with my articles in the journal Image Processing On Line (IPOL). Software releases and updates will be posted on this webpage.

Downloads are compressed as tar gzip archives. They can be opened on Windows with the 7-zip program or on Linux with

tar -xf archive.tgz

All code below is written in C. Most code is distributed with permissive licenses. Makefiles are included for GCC and MSVC. Documentation can be generated using Doxygen. A few program require the FFTW library to compile, but most do not require any libraries. Optionally, the libpng, libjpeg, and libtiff libraries may be used to add read/write support for PNG, JPEG, and TIFF images. See the readme file inside the archive for details.

Please cite the associated IPOL articles if you publish results obtained with these softwares.

Image Interpolation

Geometric contour stencils


Mosaicked image

* Includes the implementations of algorithms potentially linkable to patents. Various distribution terms apply. Some files are for scientific and educational use only.

Noisy imageRestored with TV denoising

Total Variation Regularization




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